Our solutions

Our Solutions

Our Rotary Continuous Sterilizers , which are the MOST flexible of the market have been designed to process a large variety of packaging sizes, shapes and material.

Hydrolock has always designed its machinery with the goal of

– Fiability,

– Durability,

– Low environnemental impact.

The  energy consumptions have been reduced year after year thank to energy recovery devices, better design, better insulations.

The Hydrolock sterilizers are also internationnally wellknown for their low labour intensive needs and the low cost of sterilization per product. We have developped a portfolio of machines for medium to large production scales.

More than 150 Hydrolock Rotary Continuous Retorts are now is production all over the world.


Rotary Continuous Pasteurizer for cans.
Autoclave ACCT
Autoclave ACB
Autoclave ACP
Autoclave ACBV
Autoclave ACS
Multiprocess Steripilot