Autoclave ACCT

We have a long expertise in canned vegetables such as corn sterilization, beans sterilization, peas sterilization, green beans sterilization, potatoes sterilization, spinach sterilization, carrots sterilization, mushrooms sterilization… The continuous rotary pressure sterilizer preserves colors, texture, and vitamins of vegetables. The continuous retorts are also used for vacuum packed vegetables with minimum amount of brine.

ACCT HYDROLOCK are used for speed up to 1200 cans per minute,

  • in the dairy industry (evaporated milk, sterilized milk, sterilized cream, coffee milk, flavored milk )
  • in the vegetables industry (vacuum sweet corn, green peas, baked beans, fava beans…)
  • in the ready-meals industries.
Available for
Beverage cans
PP bowls
Advantages of ACCT design
  • FULL Rotation to increase Heat Penetration and to reduce Cooking time
  • Energy efficiency : low consumption
  • Fully automated  : almost no labour
  • Heat transfer repeatability and homogeneity
  • NO scratches on seaming due to constant and gentle rotation during agitation.
  • Reliable operation even when the cans are not well filled or seamed
  • FLEXIBILITY : one machine can process different sizes and types of packaging
  • Ability to process litho can