Who are we ?

Our History

Founded by ACB in the 70’s and lately belonging to ALSTOM food department, Hydrolock has become a privately owned company since 2005. Hydrolock is located in the western part of France near Nantes, in Le Bignon.

Since the first machine, Hydrolock has developed a complete product line of continuous sterilizers, able to process a large scale of packaging , both in food and pharmaceutical industry.

In 2005 Hydrolock turned from ACB ‘s food department to a real company with a dedicated team.

In 2014 Hydrolock moved in a new facility together with 2 other companies. The worshop have been specially designed for construction of pressure vessels and assembly and testing of the machines.

In 2023 we are expending our work space with new workshop.

In 2023, Hydrolock team is proud to produce its 150th Hydrolock Continuous Sterilizer.



Design studies and development of new machines. As a specialist in mechanical and thermodynamics systems, Hydrolock is supported by a strong engineering department equipped with state of the art CAD tools. Our automation team also develops programs using the most renowned PLC’s and software on the global market.


New Process Development

HYDROLOCK’s laboratory is available to develop recipes and new products using the Hydrolock sterilizers processes, in order to determine and confirm the optimum parameters for the packaging and products. Our pilot is able to simulate all kinds of Hydrolock, Steriflex, Steritherm, and to compare it to batch processes in order to demonstrate advantages.


Maintenance & Spare parts

Our supervisors and automation engineers are travelling wordwide to assist our customers during machine installation, retrofits and maintenance. Hydrolock developed a network of partners close to our customers to provide local assistance. HYDROLOCK has a storage of specific parts in Nantes France ready to be shipped all over the world. A remote access to the production unit is available in order to help our clients diagnosis in case of failure on a sterilization line.