Rotary Continuous Pasteurizer


Based on  our experience with our Rotary Continuous Sterilizers, we developped the  ROTARY CONTINUOUS PASTEURIZER FOR CANS

This pasteurizer is used for acidified canned products such as :

  • Fruits in cans (pinapple, peach, fruit salads, etc …)
  • Acidified vegetables (carrots, celery , beetroot, etc…)


Our solution has the following advantages:

  • High quality products :  thanks to the constant rotation of cans during heating and cooling phases.
  • Low labour , the system is fully automatic
  • Flexibility :  possibility to process different products, different can sizes

The Pasteruizer can run with conventional steam / tower water, or can be equipped with a high temperature heat pump, in order to reduce its carbon footprint.

Processing at speeds ranging from 30 to 1200 containers per minute