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We have a long expertise in canned vegetables such as corn sterilization, beans sterilization, peas sterilization, green beans sterilization, potatoes sterilization, spinach sterilization, carrots sterilization, mushrooms sterilization…

The continuous rotary pressure sterilizer

– Preserves colors,

– Preserves textures,

– Preserves organoleptic qualities of vegetables.

– Reduces the energy consumption.

The continuous retorts are also used for vacuum packed vegetables with minimum amount of brine. This process enables the steam cooking process, that improves organoleptic qualities and reduces energy consumption.

High-capacity retort is adapted for speed from 150 to 1200 cans per minute, with a large scale of formats concerned within the same machine.

Proposed solutions for preserved vegetables
Autoclave ACBV Autoclave ACCT Autoclave ACP Multiprocess Steripilot Rotary Continuous Pasteurizer for cans.