Mass production continuous sterilizer - retort for food pouches

mass continious production
There is breaking news in the word of sterilization. ACB Hydrolock, while capitalizing on its 40 years experience in continuous sterilization has just engineered and manufactured the first fully automated units, dedicated to continuous cooking - cooling of preserved food in flexible pouches.

This innovative systems, dedicated to large scale production, brings the customer the following advantages :
- a production flow process a lot more simple and safe, due to the continuous operation.
- A high level food safety brought by the continuous process, and a better repeatability and quality in sterilizing / cooking when compared to batch systems.
- A tremendously reduced energy consumption, that makes the Hydrolock the machine that achieves the most reduced sterilization cost on the market.

mass continious production

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Custom designed

The sterilizers are manufactured on a standard base, with custom designed products holders and handling devices adapted to customer's packagings.