Multi process / product continuous retort

Hydrolock multi process
This huge machine measures 40 meters long and 6.7 meters height with a total weight of 115 tonnes. It is characterized by its oversized atmospherical cooler. The cooling time equals to 2 times the sterilization time. The innovation of this machine is to be able to combine the sterilization of products in different sizes of metal cans with sterilization of polypropylene bowls. The process used for this type of packaging has a preheating phase (also called energy recycler) , a sterilization phase with overpressure, a pressurized cooling phase and finally an atmospheric cooling phase. A special basket for the bowls has been designed. This is the longest machine constructed by Hydrolock up to date!

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Custom designed

The sterilizers are manufactured on a standard base, with custom designed products holders and handling devices adapted to customer's packagings.